Friday, October 28, 2016

Where The Bulk of My Writings Are

The bulk of my writings are on the first website to accept my work. It is located close to where I lived at Katahdin Lodge and Camps in Maine. I do not know how much longer the site will be up. It is an Internet newspaper. My works there are about Maine, Dundalk, me in the Army on Okinawa, Veterans health care issues, dumpster diving, and more. Right at this link: .


Monday, February 6, 2012

Welcome to Lawn Mower Racing in Edgemere

Photography by David Robert Crews

This web site has been voluntarily created by me as a nice little promotional piece for the family oriented sport of lawn mower racing, Twisted Tea, AMSOIL, 98 Rock, The Full House Saloon and also the great American neighborhoods in and around beautiful, suburban Edgemere, Maryland.

This is my way of thanking TWISTED TEA, AMSOIL, the friendly folks on the staff of The Full House Saloon and 98 Rock's crew plus the attending members of the national lawn mower racing community for a very pleasant and relaxing day at the races. The lawn mower racing event was a great time for all of us who were there on that gorgeous, powerfully bright and sunny (from a photographer's point of view), end-of-summer day in Edgemere.

This site is also a great way to show 98 Rock's Mickey and Amelia's sponsors, advertisers and bosses how the 98 Rock crew handled themselves at the event and how they easily fit right in with the mower racing crowd. The 98 Rock crew are good people with close ties to the local community.

I am a low income, 100% disabled U.S. Army veteran surviving on a small Veterans Administration pension, so I cannot afford a real web site for this. Consequently, I have turned this free blog into a web site. So when you hit the bottom of the page where it says "Older Posts" just consider that to mean "Next Page" and click on it.

I know it would all be much better as a real web site, but I do the best I can with what is available to me for free; and I learn how to use the blog building software through trial and error. Would you rather have me sitting home rotting in front of the TV or would you prefer me to make do with all that I can -- within my personal limitations -- in order to get my mighty good photographic, written and Internet published works out to the world?

I am an inner-driven man, a talented photographer, writer and Internet self-publisher who does all that he can to contribute to the world around him. Especially when it fully agrees with my personal love of family events and activities.

Friday, October 3, 2008

C'mon Into The Pit

Photography by David Robert Crews

Left click on the photos on this site to enlarge them and really see the details of these cool little racing machines. Right click on them to make copies.

You are welcomed to download any of the photos off of here that you want. If you take any photos off of here, all I ask is either a small donation through my PayPal account (accessible over there in the right side column) or a good trade. The first photos that were taken from this web site were traded for two delicious strips of venison tenderloin. If you want any of the photos for commercial uses, I need donations like professional grade camera and computer equipment or lots of money in my PayPal account.

Thank you.

Those White Buildings Right Out There Are The Full House Saloon

Photography by David Robert Crews

Relaxing In The Pit On A Very Bright and Sunny Sunday

Photography by David Robert Crews

Some Say That John Deere 'Rules' -------------- On The Track--In The Yard--On The Farm

Photography by David Robert Crews